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صدر: أستبعد أن تختار القاعدة ايران معبرا لها و أظن أنها ستختار معبرا آخر

07/11/2012 . 23:59

ومرة أخرى توجهنا إلى نواب الشعب الإيراني بأسئلة حول نوع العلاقة التي قد تجمع النظام الإيراني بالقاعدة.
النائب مؤيد حُسيني صدر، عضوُ لجنة الطاقة في البرلمان الإيراني، في مقابلة مع مراسلنا مرتضى رواس، أكد أن ليس من مصلحة إيران أن تتعامل مع القاعدة.  

 مؤيد حسيني صدر عضو لجنة الطاقة في البرلمان الإيراني
 صدر: من المحتمل أن تدخل المجموعات الإرهابية البلد بشكل غير قانوني
 صدر: ايران ليست صندوق ذو فتحة واحدة و يمكن اغلاقه من طرف واحد

Iranian Majlis member says dealing with Al Qaeda not in Irans interest


Again we went to the Iranian Majlis members with questions about the nature of relation between Iranian regime and Al Qaeda, Majlis member Muaid Husseini Sadr, member of energy committee in the Iranian parliament stressed that it is not for Irans interest to deal with Al Qaeda, the interview was made by our correspondent in Iran Murtada Al Rawas.


Muaid Husseini Sadr- Iranian Majlis member.


     Iran enjoys strong internal security and has very good and qualified security forces which are the best in the region.

     I dont think that security officials wouldnt know about presence of Al Qaeda groups here for example.

     Iran is a very big country geographically and we have long borders with Afghanistan and other countries and it is possible for these groups to enter Iran illegally.

     Anybody who enters Iran illegally must be pursued and arrested and trialed and I stress here that Iranian interests do not meet with Al Qaedas.

     Having AQ members moving from Afghanistan to Iraq and Syria and Yemen is very possible with the differences and struggles filling these countries due to the absence of unified governments in them.

     It is very easy to recognize foreigners in Iran especially through language, looks and info obtained by concerned sides.

     We do our best to prevent AQ members crossing through Iran to other countries but in the end Iran is not a box with one hole, it is a big country with long borders and it is hard to keep all that under control but after all this is rarely happening and I dont think AQ will choose Iran as a crossing.




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