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نواب إيرانيون: ليس من مصلحة إيران أن تستخدم القاعدة أراضيها

06/11/2012 . 23:59

 توجهنا إلى نواب الشعب الإيراني في مجلس النواب بسؤال عن رأيهم بوجود قيادات للقاعدة في بلدهم. النواب الذين تحدثنا إليهم اعتبروا أنه ليس من مصلحة إيران أن تستخدم القاعدة أراضيها. كما بدا واضحا أنهم لم يكونوا على دراية بأية "ترتيبات" تحدث عنها أبو حفص.

We asked Iranian Majlis members of their opinion in the presence of AQ in their country, the members we spoke to believe that it is not in Iran's interest for AQ to use its lands as it became clear that they were not aware of any of the "arrangements" Abu Hafs talked about.


Ali Redha Mahjoub – Majlis member- Tehran

Iran has long borders with many neighbors and it’s hard to control these borders, the security forces on borders are working hard to prevent smuggling and those who want to enter the country on economic or political basis or any other basis must be under accurate observations which need a budget and enough support to control borders by iron hand.


Hassan Amini – Majlis member – Rasht City

AQ members may have relatives or works inside Iran, I didn’t see that and not officially announced but this is what I have heard so we must be careful and accurate in these issues because AQ is a big danger, I searched this topic and I found out that the regime considers it a very sensitive issue, I mean AQ wants to come to our country to guarantee an access to any other country, this is unacceptable.


Said Hadi Hussaini – Majlis member – Qaem Shahr

I don’t think that their presence here is just a rumor, anyone from any party, organization even if its AQ can travel, our regime is against terrorism and we’ll not support those who want terrorism whether they were individuals or groups but we’ll sue them, we’ll not permit to anyone to use our lands to kill and sabotage other countries, Iran as a regime and people refuse to harm neighbors and we are completely against terrorism. 


Abu Al Qassim Jalali – Majlis member- Qeshm County

We as Islamic country received those who have problems in their own homes like Afghanis who live here till now but the Iranian intelligence study them accurately but in general we refuse and didn’t support those who want to do any disorder in Iran or any other country.

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