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حسن راضي - سياسة الالتفاف الايرانية

04/11/2012 . 23:59

 حسن راضي من لندن مدير مركز الأحوازي للإعلام و الدراسات الإستراتيجية والمختص بالشأن الايراني


Hassan Radi: Iranian ships must be watched


Talking from London - UK, Hasan Radi and expert in Iranian affairs talking about the Iranian attempts to dodge sanctions (Phono)


  • Irans attempt to dodge the economic sanctions proofs the fact that sanctions are affecting Iran, about 40$ billion Iran losing every year.
  • Iran is using other countries flags in their ships is a criminal act that must be punished, the sanctions must be more firm on Iran especially when a number of companies are still dealing with Iran and supplying it with gasoline, there must be more laws imposed on Iran.
  • Iran is using illegal ways to send its ships to its allies, these ships are passing through regional waters and the US and UK ships exists on the other side of the sea, they can search the Iranian ships, the world has enough technologies and equipments to monitor the Iranian ships.
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