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الحراك الطلابي في سوريا

05/11/2012 . 23:59

يؤكد الحراك الطلابي في سوريا المتواصل منذ بداية الثورة على استمرار انتهاج التظاهر السلمي للمطالبة بإسقاط النظام في دمشق, تقريرنا التالي الذي اعده اتحاد الطلبة الأحرار يُجمل لنا نشاطات الطلاب السوريين خلال الاسبوع الماضي

The continuos students' movement in Syria assures its method to carry on its peaceful protests to topple the regime in Damascus. Our next, report shows the activities of Syrian students.

 This week we start from Damascus. The free students went in a crowded protest to participate the rebels of Rokn Eddin and Salhia in Rokn Eddin neighborhood in Damascus where they made the revolution's oath. These protestors denounced the truce of Lakhdar Ibrahimi which left behind it death.

 The dental students of Aleppo university assure on their peaceful protests by the signs, media and aid. These students say that their peaceful protests are the only way for the revolution.

"Souria Lana" campaign - Syria is ours- in Latakia governorate help the families in need by the free students.

 All these strong movements are challenging the regime's continuous oppression like here on the roof of Hama university housing where a sniper stands. And the university of petrochemical university in Homs which the barricade near it became a center for oppression. The continue of peaceful movement for university student in Syria is a clue that the regime will fall even if it took a while.

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