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حسن راضي - العقوبات على ايران

08/11/2012 . 23:59

من لندن حسن راضي مدير مركز الأحوازي للإعلام و الدراسات الإستراتيجية

Talking from London - UK, Hasan Radi and expert in Iranian affairs (Phono)


  • Iran will not endure more sanctions by USA and the West, these sanctions are the first among many to come.
  • The economic situation continue to worsen by the struggle between Ahmadinejad group and Khamenei group, the latter consider that Ahmadinejad cause all these troubles and the conservatives demanding the current Iranian President to apologize to the people.
  • The conservatives in Iran say that 30% of the economic situation in Iran caused by wrong policies while 70% caused by the sanctions.
  • Next year there will be Iranian Presidential elections and we expect to witness many incidents.
  • Many Iranian factories were closed because under the sanctions Iran cannot import basic materials needed for its car industry or mobile phone industry, only 30% of Iranian industries are working because there is no materials for making the goods.
  • Many Iranian officials are trying to affect Khamenei's decision in enriching uranium so Iran would be open to the world, the Iranian currency deteriorated and foreign currencies are missing from the banks.
  • In an attempt to raise the spirits of Iranian people, Iran announced that it will stop importing its goods to the West, Iran wants to say it has some cards to play.
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