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قوات النظام تستخدم القنابل الحرارية في دوما بريف دمشق

10/11/2012 . 23:58

مع تصاعد وتيرة العنف الذي تشنه قوات النظام السوري ضمن حملتها العسكريةِ والأمنية في مواجهة الثورة , لجأت قوات النظام إلى استخدام القنابل الحرارية او الفراغية على المدن والقرى الثائرة , لكن ما الضرر الذي تـُحدثه تلك القنابل في المناطق التي تـَسقط عليها ؟.  من دُوما بريف دمشق يرصد لنا محمد السعيد الضرر الذي لحق بحي المنفوش جراء قصف الطيران الحربي لها بالقنابل الحرارية.

With the increase of violence launched by the Syrian regime in its military and security campaign to face the revolution. The regime's forces resorted to use Thermobaric and on cities and villages. But what kind of damage caused by these bombs? From Damascus suburb Doma, we will shown by Mohammed Al Saeed the destruction in Al Manfoush neighborhood because of the shelling by air force with Thermobaric bombs.

  Mohammed Al Saeed - Syrian activist


we are here in Doma town, in Al Manfoush neighborhood who is subjected to shelling by air planes. Here we see that this place was a house. We see a washer machine and a living room, everything is destroyed. Here are 10 houses in the small alley and we see electricity generator is entirely destroyed. More than 200 meters were erased. Tens of houses used to be here, thousands of people used to live in this neighborhood. This place has finished. This place were I stand here was a shop were its walls came down. These Thermobaric bombs which the regime throw on us destroy everything inside. These bombs empty the house and explode outwards. Here we see the umbrella that comes with the Thermobaric balloon and this is its fan. We have school books. The world will remember this history. This is what happened to students homes and schools after it was shelled by MIG airplanes.

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