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المرأة السورية تحمل السلاح إلى جانب الرجل دفاعا عن أهلها

07/11/2012 . 23:59

ساندت المرأة الرجل منذ بداية الثورة السورية , تنوعت أوجه المساندة فكانت تشارك في التظاهرات ومداواة الجرحى ، حتى بات بعضهن اليوم يقفن إلى جانب الثوار على الجبهات ، ليقمن بالحراسة وتوفير الطعام لأفراد الجيش السوري الحر .



Syrian women carry weapons with rebels on frontlines

Women supported men since the beginning of Syrian revolution. Women’s help varied as they participated in protests and treating wounded and today some of them stand by the side of men in frontlines to do guarding duties and prepare food for FSA members.


Syrian woman.

I’m here with my family and kids, I prepare food for rebels and I’m seizing these few hours to do my duty in guarding; hadith says one day in the sake of Allah is better than the whole world. As a woman I want to shake men. I call all people whether they are men or women to support their brothers in all Syria not only in Homs. I tell them; do you like what you see of shelling on Homs and Khaldia, are you blind or deaf. We got used to the regime’s violence, the mortars and TNT barrels are making us stronger and we are not afraid. I’m not they only woman here, Homs is full of women who are ready to sacrifice for their country.



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