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نقص في مستلزمات الأفران يهدد بأزمة غذائية تتعرض لها مدينة حلب

04/11/2012 . 23:59

ازمة رغيف الخبز هي من اكثرِ الازمات التي تهدد أهالي مدينة حلب السورية, وذلك بعد ان باتت تلبية مستلزمات الأفران عبئًا كبيرا يثقل كاهل أفراد الجيش السوري الحر. من حلب يوسف صديق يرصد لنا جانبا من تلك الأزمة. 


Bread crisis threatens people of Aleppo


On the humanitarian level, the bread crisis is the most threatening crisis to the people of Aleppo in Syria after the process of providing bakery needs became a big burden on the Free Syrian Army. From Aleppo Yousef Sediq observes to us part of this crisis.


Although it is not the first concern for Syrians, but the bread crisis looks more sever in Aleppo and its suburbs.


Syrian man.

There is no work and we dont have money, cooking gas is missing too and you can see the crowds here.


Putting the city under siege by Al Assad forces made the basic items disappear and increased its prices and that is negatively reflected on the life of citizens.



Because there is no electricity for over a month we had to operate the generator and that increased the cost and bread price for the people.


Securing the necessary items for the bakeries to keep them running became an extra burden for rebels but it is a must for them.


It is not an easy task to get bread even if it was available. Cautiousness from nearby snipers besides the random shells hitting the city.

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